You want to scale your business simply

You aren’t sure how to spend your energy and money on marketing

You know your business depends on you too much

You have a team (even if it is part-time sub contractors)

You make at least six-figures in annual revenue

You’re In the Right Place If…

Scale Simply

We turned around our sinking ship of a business into a 7-figure business in two years. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned so you can build your empire even faster with ample self-care and simplicity.

If we had a 30 minute virtual coffee date, it is nearly inevitable we’d have a business SOP or system to share with you. 

The trouble is, we love our schedule flexibility too much to take on more coffee dates, so this is our way of getting you a huge amount of value in a way that’s easy for both of us. 

There are plenty of folks coaching on business. Think of us more as your friendly business buddies. 

Look, we don’t want to join the masses selling picks and shovels to the gold miners.

How We Can Help You

We built a bitchin’ business in short order because we value systems, simplicity, and loving your customer. We are sticklers on focus, meaning our core focus is still entirely centered around our main squeeze (the Global Grant Writers Collective).

Why Have Playbooks?

What’s a Playbook?

A playbook is a more fun term for standard operating procedures (SOP). It is a set of instructions for a task repeated in your business. It allows anyone to step into that role and complete the task. 

Playbooks are your ticket to sanity! When you document the steps you do in your business, someone else can step in and help you. If that person leaves, you don’t have to start from ground zero training the next person. You can hand them their relevant playbooks, and they can hit the ground running. 

For that reason, we have built this shop for you to buy our business playbooks to deploy in your own business. Each playbook includes a training video that helps further explain how you can customize it for your use (and things to look out for!). 

Shop Our Playbooks

We have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of effort building our own playbooks. Here are the most in-demand playbooks we have so you can start radically simplifying and scaling your business. 

We are soul-sister, business besties that met in a tiny town in Alaska. Literally born from a tent, we built an online course and membership business that does a healthy 7-figures annually in revenue (with our sights set on 8-figures). 

It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. At the end of 2020, we nearly closed up shop and got “real jobs.” 

Truthfully, we still marvel at how we turned things around. Some combination of luck, hard work and fabulous mentorship did the trick!

That’s selling ourselves short though. We committed to building business systems from the beginning and built a simple sales machine (ya’ll 7-figures on a single offer). In an industry wrought with burnout, we counter the norm with a culture of self-care and celebration. 

Even team members that move on continue to stay in touch and praise us for the unique work environment we created. 

What you’ll find here are a few of our most valuable playbooks behind our successful business. We are confident that our systems will breathe simplicity into your business and more spaciousness for you as a leader. 

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Listen to our podcast to peer into our brains and see exactly how we run our business. We are confident you’ll find gold nuggets in there to deploy in your business immediately. 

Catch Our Vibe

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Meredith and Alex are the kind of people who understand concepts fully and are able to articulate the key ideas and processes (of anything as far as I can tell, lol) extremely efficiently. When you don't have the bandwidth to get deep on each and every part of your business (who does!), her playbooks are a dream come true! My favorite thus far has been the Dreamy Customer Journey Mapping Playbook as I have reinvented my business from 1-1 coaching to a community/course model. The playbooks are exactly what you are hoping them to be, simple yet deep, and comprehensive yet streamlined. Thank you Universe, Meredith and Alex!

Raquel Rojo

founder, Innata Style

You both have such a gift for systems and processes that SING. You make my brain so happy (and clear!) and these SOP playbooks have saved me sooooo much time and headache. I'm so glad to have found you! 

Tara Wagner

Creator, Breakthrough Boss and a Year In the Day

Meredith and Alex's SOP playbooks have entirely turned our company around. Getting front row seats to how they operate their company and do so extremely methodologically, thoughtfully and strategically, has raised the bar for us so much to run an efficient company optimized for impact. Receiving actual blueprints of how they do it, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel, has easily saved us 5-figures in expenses we would have needed to spend to create these from scratch or realize in the first place where our gaps were. Because of Meredith and Alex's playbooks we feel like our operations are finally matching our potential and have been firing on all cylinders since we were introduced to their playbooks! The team is happier, more balanced, and our smoother operations and systems not only greatly benefit us and our members now, but set up for optimal success down the road for unexpected transitions or interruptions on our team.

Gesche Haas

Founder & CEO Dreamers & Doers

I always appreciate getting to brainstorm with Meredith and talk through things. Since she and Alex are further ahead of me in building a company, it’s been super helpful to get their insights on our current business challenges that they have already worked through in the past. Every time I speak with Meredith, I feel like she’s saving me from weeks of time trying to figure it out on my own. 

Nora Hamanda

The Onboarding and Offboarding Playbook SOP has been an incredibly helpful template for MomUp. It is a trusty guide that not only keeps us organized and processes outlined but makes it easy to onboard new employees. It’s organized, easy to follow and keeps things running efficiently at MomUp where time is always of the essence.  

Michelle Keefe

Founder, MomUp

Don’t take our word for it

Business Bestie Praise


No matter your industry, learn how to build your own SOP playbook using our template as a starting point. Developing standard operating procedures for your business does NOT need to be complicated. We’ll show you how to excite your team (even if it is a small team!) in the process, so you have a full playbook in no time. 


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No matter your industry, learn how to build your own SOP playbook using our template as a starting point. Developing standard operating procedures for your business does NOT need to be complicated. We’ll show you how to excite your team (even if it is a small team!) in the process, so you have a full playbook in no time.