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Do you find that making resolutions is ineffective? Us too. 🥱 Instead, every year Meredith has a question that guides her decision-making. ✨

One Big Question To Guide Your Decisions For The Year


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In this podcast episode, Meredith explains how you can come up with a single question in lieu of a resolution. This single question emphasizes your big priority for the year and serves as your decision making framework. 

Resources and links:

🔸  Attachment Styles

🔸  “Bending Reality: How to Make the Impossible Probable” by Victoria Song

🔸  “The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

🔸 Free training on how to build recession-proof opportunities and become a grant writer:

Questions about the Global Grant Writers Collective? Check out this elaborate FAQ page: 

Or, email us at [email protected]

Go forth and build a life you love. 🦄

🧡  The Team at Learn Grant Writing

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No matter your industry, learn how to build your own SOP playbook using our template as a starting point. Developing standard operating procedures for your business does NOT need to be complicated. We’ll show you how to excite your team (even if it is a small team!) in the process, so you have a full playbook in no time. 

We are soul-sister, business besties that met in a tiny town in Alaska. Literally born from a tent, we built an online course and membership business that does a healthy 7-figures annually in revenue (with our sights set on 8-figures). 

It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. At the end of 2020, we nearly closed up shop and got “real jobs.” 

Truthfully, we still marvel at how we turned things around. Some combination of luck, hard work and fabulous mentorship did the trick!

That’s selling ourselves short though. We committed to building business systems from the beginning and built a simple sales machine (ya’ll 7-figures on a single offer). In an industry wrought with burnout, we counter the norm with a culture of self-care and celebration. 

Even team members that move on continue to stay in touch and praise us for the unique work environment we created. 

What you’ll find here are a few of our most valuable playbooks behind our successful business. We are confident that our systems will breathe simplicity into your business and more spaciousness for you as a leader. 

Who Are These Two Randos?

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Raquel Rojo, Founder Innata Style

Meredith and Alex are the kind of people who understand concepts fully and are able to articulate the key ideas and processes (of anything as far as I can tell, lol) extremely efficiently. When you don't have the bandwidth to get deep on each and every part of your business (who does!), her playbooks are a dream come true! The playbooks are exactly what you are hoping them to be, simple yet deep, and comprehensive yet streamlined. Thank you Universe, Meredith and Alex!

My favorite thus far has been the Dreamy Customer Journey Mapping Playbook as I have reinvented my business from 1-1 coaching to a community/course model. 

- Rebecca Lowe

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"Brynn made it easy to finally adapt a self care program so that I can become more productive in my life and business."


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"I am finally pushing myself to new levels with my practice that I didn't think were possible before I met Coach Brynn."