We are business bestie soul-sisters! A classic visionary and integrator dynamic. We met in a remote small town in Alaska where we built our business, Learn Grant Writing, from a tent, shipping container, and hot tub! A sinking ship, we turned things around and scaled to over $1M in ARR in two years. It is our great joy to share what we learned about business systems, culture building, and marketing with you here!  

We’re here to share all we’ve learned growing a 7-figure business so that you can do the same, even faster. 

Hey There! We’re Meredith and Alex

After presenting our Dreamy Customer Journey Map playbook, we are always asked, “Name any price for a VIP day!” We know we have valuable information to share. And…we have our own lovely business to run that keeps us plenty busy (while allowing lots of spaciousness for everything else we value). 

For that reason, we’re embodying our core value of resisting the temptation to over complicate. This is our play place to explore giving you value in the simplest way possible. Join us as we organically build a community of like-minded founders scaling simply. 

Playbooks are your ticket to scaling.

Business can be simpler than we make it.

We all need a business bestie. 

To inspire other women to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

our big why

(And if we’re for real - we’re looking for cool outdoorsy lovin’ entrepreneur friends!)

Most mirror our values at LGW plus a few fun plot twists for this venture!


Fun or Bust
We pledge to not take ourselves too seriously! 

Expand with Ease
Knowing it’s not easy, we choose ease over fear.

Celebrate Wins
Large and small, we pause to celebrate milestones.

Engage in Equity
We commit to being an antiracist business.

Scale Simply
We resist the temptation to over complicate. 

Prioritize Soul Care
We believe in self-care to be our best selves.

We didn’t start out in business together. I (Meredith) started the business in 2018. I published my first book in 2019 and sold $100,000 in courses. 

Then the pandemic hit, and I was hit with an influx of demand for grant writing consulting services. That led to hiring several of the students in my course and spinning up a 7-person agency in two weeks. 

That was on top of running a course business. That’s when I asked Alex, the new cool girl in town, for help utilizing her hella project management skills. 

She whipped us into shape! She took my processes and systematized them. 
A few months in, Alex sat me down and said, “We need to talk…”

Alright let us spill the tea on the longer journey bringing us to this moment.

Want the Longer Story?

Quite to the contrary, she asked if she could come work with me full-time! 

I couldn’t give her the full $100,000 salary I thought she was worth, so I paid her what I paid myself at the time ($50,000) and offered the rest in “slicing pie” equity. 

We decided to close up the consulting business and focus on the course business entirely. Well…then we blew through every “good” idea I had and proceeded to lose thousands of dollars a month. 

You can only string together so many months in the red before the piggy bank empties itself. In November of 2020, I had hit rock bottom. I could taste defeat. I was so perplexed at why I couldn’t succeed when I felt entrepreneurship was in my bones. 

We need to talk means one thing typically…you’re getting broken up with!

This led us into an expensive program that was game changing.

Every major step up we achieved came from learning from others that have been where we wanted to go. 

In three weeks, we narrowed our customer focus into a scarily niche segment. We tripled our prices. We overhauled our offer and product. We built a new sales machine. Basically, it was a new business. 

Then we took a week off to be with our family’s over the holidays and sales started coming in. Evergreen sales! 

We went from losing $20,000 in the month of December 2020 to $7,000 in monthly recurring revenue in January. Which if you do the math, we booked $84,000 in business that first month and grew $5K in MRR each month thereafter. 

Where we didn’t do any work but learn from others.

Alex suggested we take a Learning Day, 

(We’re figuring out how to get to 8-figures, and we’ll share everything we learn as we go!)

We learned so much. This is our playground for experimenting with getting our knowledge to you. 

Because as much as we want to attribute luck and mentors to our success, it was also by doing things distinctly our own way. Guess there were some perks to building a business remotely in a tent!

We then started hiring help to buy back our time. Within two years, we did over $1 million in annual revenue and continue to grow.

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Fun fact: We worked from a tent, shipping container, and hot tub our first two years of the business!

We celebrate wins by eating chocolate torte, our favorite dessert to share.


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6 to 8+

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Alex can be found at a yoga class, talking to her local farmer, or researching anything health related - for people and the planet.

And key stories that make us who we are!

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Alaskan Adventuress



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Green-Tea or Cortado



Season of choice

Blueberries and Potatoes


Skiing, Biking, Reading


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Comfy Sweaters


Circumnavigating Mont Blanc

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London Fog with English Breakfast Tea + Honey 



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Anything from Farmers Market


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It is our great joy to share what we learned about business systems, culture building, and marketing with you here! 

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