A podcast and blog about how you can scale your 6-figure business to 7-figures simply. We’re here to vulnerably share how you can build a profitable, spacious business that supports you and your team. This podcast is our creative play place to share what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what to try next. 

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Do you find that making resolutions is ineffective? Us too. 🥱 Instead, every year Meredith has a question that guides her decision-making. ✨

One Big Question To Guide Your Decisions For The Year


A recent focus group call revealed that many members of the Collective are trying to be Meredith. But, only one person can be Meredith: Meredith!

And, without getting too Dr. Suess on you: you’re the only one that can be you!

Dethrone Meredith (She’s No Superhuman) + Lean Into Who You Are