What’s Included:
This playbook includes:
A google doc SOP playbook 
Instructional video training 
The 7-steps to customer journey mapping 

Best Suited For:
Everyone! Mandatory for those starting a new business venture and any existing business not running an intentional annual customer discovery process.

Select any one of the following and this playbook is for you:

-You don’t have a clear roadmap to developing your product or service this year.
-You feel marketing is an overwhelming money and energy pit.
-You feel like you are on a content hamster wheel.
-You don’t adore your customers.

Customer journey mapping is a methodical process for learning what painful problems your customer has that you can solve. There are two common traps you might fall into:

You did customer discovery at the beginning of your business and haven’t touched it since because you “know your customer.”
You think sending out a survey is sufficient customer discovery. (Spoiler alert: it’s not)

The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. 

By understanding this journey, you increase conversion of leads to customers and learn how your product needs to evolve to have raving (and continually paying) fans. By deploying this playbook in your business, you will have dreamy customers you love to serve, and they will pour energy right back into you. 

This is the playbook we are most known for (and most proud!). 


Dreamy Customer Journey Mapping

If you aren’t familiar with the term SOP, you’re about to fall in love with these little operational beasts. SOP is short for Standard Operating Procedure. The idea behind an SOP is that you describe the steps to a specific task so that anyone can follow the directions to execute. (As in this is how you stop doing it all yourself and get someone else to do things done as you want it!)

What’s a Playbook?

Why playbooks are so valuable is that this is how you finally get your time back in your business! This is how you train staff effortlessly. This is how you reduce and eliminate mistakes. It’s how you improve, simplify and scale. 

Our fave mentor calls SOPs playbooks, and we’re fully on board with that. 

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Here’s the deal. We have spent thousands of dollars and hours of effort building our own playbooks. We’ve hired. We’ve fired. We’ve trashed processes and built new ones. 

We certainly don’t have it all figured out, but what we do know with confidence, we proudly share with you below. 

Let us save you the trouble and cost by giving you our most popular and transformational playbooks. 

KPI Metric Dashboard

Dreamy Customer Journey Mapping 

FREE  - How to Build an SOP Playbook

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Refund Requests, Collections, and Pause Requests

Google Systems and Drive Migration

Weekly Sync

Onboarding and Offboarding (i.e. Hiring)

Build a Vibrant Community in Circle

What To Expect

2. Customize
Your tech stack will be different than ours. Go through the templated playbook and customize for your unique business systems.
We pledge to not take ourselves too seriously! 

1. Choose a Playbook
Choose your playbook and “add to cart” to purchase. Upon checkout, you’ll get access to your playbook (and video training) in your email inbox within minutes. 

3. Deploy!
We have a rule that if the playbook exists, it must be open when doing that task. Start building a playbook culture in your team by role modeling use of the playbooks.

Meredith and Alex are the kind of people who understand concepts fully and are able to articulate the key ideas and processes (of anything as far as I can tell, lol) extremely efficiently. When you don't have the bandwidth to get deep on each and every part of your business (who does!), her playbooks are a dream come true! My favorite thus far has been the Dreamy Customer Journey Mapping Playbook as I have reinvented my business from 1-1 coaching to a community/course model. The playbooks are exactly what you are hoping them to be, simple yet deep, and comprehensive yet streamlined. Thank you Universe, Meredith and Alex!

Raquel Rojo

founder, Innata Style

You both have such a gift for systems and processes that SING. You make my brain so happy (and clear!) and these SOP playbooks have saved me sooooo much time and headache. I'm so glad to have found you! 

Tara Wagner

Creator, Breakthrough Boss and a Year In the Day

Meredith and Alex's SOP playbooks have entirely turned our company around. Getting front row seats to how they operate their company and do so extremely methodologically, thoughtfully and strategically, has raised the bar for us so much to run an efficient company optimized for impact. Receiving actual blueprints of how they do it, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel, has easily saved us 5-figures in expenses we would have needed to spend to create these from scratch or realize in the first place where our gaps were. Because of Meredith and Alex's playbooks we feel like our operations are finally matching our potential and have been firing on all cylinders since we were introduced to their playbooks! The team is happier, more balanced, and our smoother operations and systems not only greatly benefit us and our members now, but set up for optimal success down the road for unexpected transitions or interruptions on our team.

Gesche Haas

Founder & CEO Dreamers & Doers

I always appreciate getting to brainstorm with Meredith and talk through things. Since she and Alex are further ahead of me in building a company, it’s been super helpful to get their insights on our current business challenges that they have already worked through in the past. Every time I speak with Meredith, I feel like she’s saving me from weeks of time trying to figure it out on my own. 

Nora Hamanda

The Onboarding and Offboarding Playbook SOP has been an incredibly helpful template for MomUp. It is a trusty guide that not only keeps us organized and processes outlined but makes it easy to onboard new employees. It’s organized, easy to follow and keeps things running efficiently at MomUp where time is always of the essence.  

Michelle Keefe

Founder, MomUp

Don’t take our word for it

Business Bestie Praise


No matter your industry, learn how to build your own SOP playbook using our template as a starting point. Developing standard operating procedures for your business does NOT need to be complicated. We’ll show you how to excite your team (even if it is a small team!) in the process, so you have a full playbook in no time.